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White Oak Audio Design provides custom engineering design services for OEMs as well as offering standard products for the end user. 

OEM customers rely on White Oak for electronic and software design services.  If you have a concept that you want to get off the ground but don't have the in-house expertise to do it, White Oak can help you realize your vision.  We are a small company with low overhead and partnerships with carefully selected, low-cost suppliers, which translates into affordable services. 

White Oak specializes in audio and automotive designs but can help you realize your electronic design in other areas as well.  Please review the Services page for the design capabilities we offer and the tools we utilize.

Latest White Oak Audio Design Premium Products for Phase Linear Amplifiers!

Proudly Designed and Made in USA

  • PL14-20G1 Dual Mono Control Board Kit
  • PL400 Revision E Full-Comp only Backplane Board Kit with available wire kit
  • NEW! PL400 Revision C1 Light/Meter board in choice of 3 illumination color options with meter sensitivity options and adjustable illumination brightness.
  • PL400 15KuF/100V/105C Upgrade Capacitor Kits
  • NEW! PL700 Revision D Full-Comp only Backplane Board Kit with available wire kit
  • NEW! PL700 Revision D Light/Meter board in choice of 3 illumination color options with individually adjustable logo and meter illumination brightness.
  • PL700B or Series 2 Premium Upgrade Chassis
  • PL400 Series 1 or 2 Premium Upgrade Chassis
  • PL700 15KuF/160V/105C Upgrade Capacitor Kit
  • PL700B Upgrade Faceplates - Silver or Black Anodized
  • PL400 and PL700 Series 2 Upgrade Faceplates - Silver or Black Anodized
  • PL400/700 Series 2 Revision C1 Cylon Meter Upgrade Board Kits
  • NEW! PL400/700 Bridge Snubber Kit RevB without Bridge Rectifier
  • NEW! PL400/700 Bridge Snubber Kit RevB with 50A/600V Bridge Rectifier
  • NEW! PL400/700 Bus Bar Kit

Professional grade Capacitor Upgrade Assembly to enhance existing PL 400 series 1 and 2 power supply electrolytic capacitors - direct drop in kit.  Swap out the original 5,900uF 85V or 7,300uF 75V caps.  Increase the original capacitance value to 15,000 uF and improve the reliability by increasing the working voltage up to 100V in the same space.   Also available on our Ebay auctions!

Recently released! Revision G1 of our popular PL14_20 upgrade board!  Professional grade, "UNIVERSAL" PL14A/B + PL20 main audio board Upgrade Assembly to enhance the quality of the components, circuit design and PCB on existing Phase Linear 400, 700, 700B, and 400/700 Series 2 amplifiers - direct drop in kit for PL14 A & B and PL20 equipped amps (the vast majority of all Phase Linear amplifiers).  Design flexibility allows you to build it out as "stock Quasi-Comp" or "enhanced Full-Comp" by populating the component options you desire.  Swap out the original single-sided PCB with a premium double-sided, silkscreened and soldermasked circuit board.  Upgrade to high quality, low noise, metal film, precision resistors and improved audio grade Wima polypropylene and Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Mica (audio path) and Nichicon MUSE electrolytic capacitors  (power supply segments only) throughout.  Improve the signal integrity of your amplifier.  These Revision G1 board design eliminates the classic but annoying Phase Linear turn on and turn off thump in most all amplifier installations as well as allowing Phoenix Contact connectors to be used in all wire connection points which makes the board assembly a true "bolt in" replacement. The Revision G1 board has 'designed out' hard to find transistors caused by the recent end of life on several key parts by their manufacturers.

Vintage Phase Linear Audio Upgrade Products

White Oak Audio Design standard products are professional grade upgrade products for vintage electronic equipment with a specialization in early Phase Linear amplifiers in their golden years when Bob Carver was still at the company.  Our Upgrade Products for the Phase Linear 400 Series 1 and Phase Linear 700B amplifiers are LED light boards to replace the failure prone and heat producing incandescent originals.  White Oak has set the standard for quality and is the premier LED light board upgrade available on the web.  White Oak Audio offers an innovative power supply bulk capacitor upgrade kit for the PL 400 and now has options for the PL 700 amplifiers as well.  These upgrades will almost triple the original power supply value and increase the voltage rating of the capacitors to give your PL 400 or PL700 more bass punch, better sound quality and higher reliability than the original. 

White Oak Audio Design meticulously engineers each of its kits to be a direct drop in replacement for the original parts designed by Phase Linear.  This allows the Phase Linear collector to upgrade their equipment while not destroying the original value of the equipment by avpiding any irreversible modifications to the base product.

Most all of our kits are prepared in a "paint by numbers" kitting style with each component pre-formed (where applicable) and separated by value in its own labeled poly bag.  It is therefore possible to build the board kits without referencing any additional documentation.  Our kits range from basic skill level to very advanced skill level.  Our light boards and bulk capacitor kits require only a basic skill level for installation.  Our PL14_20 control board kits are for advanced skill level builders and require assembly and test equipment for proper installation.  Our Backplane Kits require very advanced skill levels and more sophisticated assembly and test equipment to be successful.  It also takes 'nerves of steel' to strip your amp all the way down to bare metal and rebuild it from the ground up.  But the results are so worth it!!

  If you do not possess the skill or equipment, White Oak Audio Design can put you in touch with skilled individuals with proper assembly and test equipment to perform these upgrades for you.

The White Oak Audio Design has many important reference documents for vintage audio equipment and our upgrade kits.  Please email us or contact us using the Contact page.

Our audio upgrade products are available for sale on Ebay, Audio Asylum, Phoenix Audio Tape Company, Phoenix Audio Community Forums as well as on our own White Oak Audio eStore

Honda and Acura Automotive Products

White Oak has developed an innovative and reliable piggyback ECU controller for Honda and Acura automobiles to increase the performance of normally aspirated as well as supercharged and turbocharged engines.  This Multi Purpose Fuel Injector (MPFI) controller when coupled with the Windows based tuning utility developed by White Oak makes it easy to increase the engine output.  White Oak also has developed what has become the gold standard "boost mask" MAP clamp for supercharged and turbocharged engines.  This allows the use of boost pressure without modifications to the vehicle ECU.  The "boost mask" is the first product that White Oak developed and manufactured and forms the genesis of the company.  

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