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This is the premier Bridge Snubber upgrade kit on the web for PL400, PL700 and other amplifiers. It is a professional-class upgrade product, meticulously engineered to look and perform better than the original point to point snubber options.  The board assembly goes together quickly and easily to mount on your bridge rectifier (50A, 600V Bridge recommended, Genesic KBPC5006T or equivalent) to make your upgrade look well arranged and neat while providing attenuation of rectifier snap off RFI.
The printed circuit board is a high quality FR-4 based, epoxy-glass PCB with HASL tin/lead plating on the solder pad areas. The PCB is 0.062 inch thick double sided circuit board with plated through holes and white epoxy silkscreen legends on the component side and green solder mask on both sides. It is a direct drop in over the four Bridge Rectifier Faston tabs.

This board also includes 2 additional wire holes to attach the AC wire connections needed for the Watts Abundant DC Protect assembly and eliminates the need to solder a separate wire onto the bridge tab which can be difficult.

  • 1-Bridge Snubber Bare Board
  • 4-0.022uF, 400V Film capacitors
  • 1-Stainless steel 10-32x1-3/4" Phillips head screw (for PL700 applications)
  • 2-Stainless steel 10-32 hex nuts (for PL700 applications)
  • 1-Stainless steel #10 internal tooth lockwasher (for PL700 applications)
  •   You get what you see in the picture above, ready to assemble and install.  Follow the photos for proper assembly.
    This upgrade kit is for skilled technicians. While building and installation is not a difficult procedure, the installer should be familiar and comfortable with working on electronic equipment and using a soldering station and associated tools. Ensure good control of soldering iron temperature, not exceeding 650 degrees so your wiring is not ruined by excessive heat. If you are not familiar with working on electronic equipment or do not possess the proper equipment, it is recommended that you take your amplifier to a service technician that can perform the Bus Bar Upgrade and installation for you. 

    Photos of the Bridge Snubber installed in the PL700B application is shown below.
    PL700B and PL700 Series 2 Installation Recommendations:

    Installing the Bridge Rectifier in the PL700B and PL700 Series 2

    The bridge rectifier in the PL700B or PL700 Series 2 must be moved to the hole location where the band strap is attached. Here are the steps for doing so:

    1.    Remove the transformer and separate the die cast cradle piece from the transformer.

    2.    Upgrade the screw holding the bridge rectifier to the die cast cradle to the 10-32 x 1-3/4" screw size (included) from the original 6-32 screw that was in the amplifier. This is recommended but not essential.

    3.    Bore out the original hole that the 6-32 screw passed through to a diameter of 0.203" (13/64" drill) or 0.204" (#6 drill) to allow clearance for the 10-32 x 1-3/4" screw provided. It is recommended (but not essential) to use a drill press for this operation.

    4.    Pass the 10-32 screw through the die cast cradle hole from the transformer side, mount the new bridge rectifier (Genesic KBPC5006T or equivalent recommended) on the same screw, add the #10 internal tooth lockwasher provided, and thread on the 10-32 hex nut provided.

    5.    Orient the bridge positive terminal so that it will face towards the amplifier electronics once installed. Tighten the hex nut securely.

    6.    Reinstall the die cast cradle onto the transformer in reverse order to the disassembly process.

    7.    Insulate the four transformer bolts with plastic drinking straws while the amplifier is apart (optional).

    To install the capacitor band clamp, bore the hole out to the same 0.203 - 0.204" dimension using the same drill used for the die cast cradle. Be careful not to deform the thin aluminum strap.

    This enhanced bridge mounting is pictured above.  For a deeper dive into the assembly details, check out this link:

    PL700B & PL700 Series 2 Enhanced Installation Photo Illustrations

    This kit is sold AS-NEW with no returns.
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