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Programming the MPFI (ACM) is done using a simple USB based programmer that is available from White Oak Audio Design (pictures are available on the Product Gallery page). The programmer plugs directly into the MPFI interface connector and takes less than 10 seconds to update the MPFI. It has a simple to use programming tool (shown below) and GUI interface that is based on the Microchip PICKit2 programmer.

Injector tuning is done using a Windows based application program. The MAP vs. RPM table allows 20 distinct column entries for RPM values ranging from 1000 to 9000 RPM and 10 MAP row entries ranging from 1 volt up to 4.95 volts in user selectable ranges. All parameters tunable by the user.

A single button click (the GREEN one labeled "Build HEX File") compiles the resulting program which the user quickly and easily downloads to the MPFI. This ease of programming makes it simple for the engine tuner to rapidly try many different combinations to achieve the desired performance

A single button click (the LIGHT BLUE one labeled "Program MPFI") programs the MPFI with the program that the user just developed.

Complete overview of the programming application with screen shots are included on the Documentation page on this website. This application is fully compatible with the majority of MPFI hardware that is in the field (the MPFI must have the programming pins brought out to the 20 pin connector to use the standard programmer)

The Excel based programming utility is still available and supported.

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