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This is the premier Phase Linear Bus Bar upgrade kit on the web for PL400 and PL700 amplifiers. It is a professional-class upgrade product, meticulously engineered to look and perform better than the original.  The 5 easy solder lugs provide 10 wire access holes to make your upgrade look well arranged and neat while providing positive electrical grounding.
The 0.088" thick (0.090" nominal) 5052 precision laser cut aluminum bus bar provides superior conductivity when compared to the thin copper original bus bar that Phase Linear utilized.  The original copper bus bar used by Phase Linear was 0.375" x 0.022" in cross section.  The White Oak Audio bus bar by comparison is 0.50" x 0.088" in cross section, 5.33 times that of the original bus bar.  When the conductivity of aluminum is factored in versus the conductivity of the original copper, the White Oak Audio bus bar has 3.4x better conductivity than the original. The thick bus bar is also structurally superior to the original, thin copper bus bar.

  • 1-Bus Bar
  • 5-tinned, #6 internal tooth solder lugs
  • 5-stainless steel 6-32x1/4" Phillips head screws
  • 5-stainless steel 6-32 small pattern hex nuts
  • You get what you see in the picture above, ready to assemble and install.  Follow the photo for proper assembly.
    This upgrade kit is for skilled technicians. While building and installation is not a difficult procedure, the installer should be familiar and comfortable with working on electronic equipment and using a soldering station and associated tools. Ensure good control of soldering iron temperature, not exceeding 650 degrees so your wiring is not ruined by excessive heat. If you are not familiar with working on electronic equipment or do not possess the proper equipment, it is recommended that you take your amplifier to a service technician that can perform the Bus Bar Upgrade and installation for you. 

    Photos of the Bus Bar installed in the PL700B application is shown below.

    Photos of the Bus Bar installed in the PL400 application are shown below.

    This kit is sold AS-NEW with no returns.
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